Ricky Rubio Makes Behind-The-Back Dribbles In One Amazing Play (VIDEO)

There are few things quite like that wonderful feeling you have when you watch a healthy Ricky Rubio put on a show and realize he's only 22.

The Spaniard had a field day against San Antonio on Tuesday night, recording his first NBA triple-double in Minnesota's 107-83 victory. Rubio scored two of his 21 points late in the fourth quarter when he pulled off the same move twice, making San Antonio's Patty Mills and Aron Baynes look silly.

First, Rubio faked out Mills at the top of the key with a behind-the-back dribble. With Baynes in front of him at the free throw line, Rubio made another behind-the-back dribble and sunk a left-handed layup.

"It takes your breath away, it really does, to watch him just make art out there on the floor," the announcer said.

Just imagine what kind of art he'll make with a healthy Kevin Love next season.