09/29/2015 05:15 pm ET

What Happened When This Gay YouTube Star Confronted His Bully

Riyadh K says he wants to be the "guinea pig" for all bullying victims.

In his latest video, gay YouTube personality Riyadh K aims to show his viewers that even the worst schoolyard bullies "end up just being normal people" and "not evil" in the long run.  

In an effort to gain closure, Riyadh K, who hails from Ireland, called up his own childhood bully for the video. Although it's a tense, somewhat awkward conversation at first, it all ends up going smoother than he expected. 

Calling the experience "cathartic," he said,  "I don’t think that could have gone better than it did. He was genuinely sorry, and I don’t think he even realized the effect it had on me and even the effect it has on me now." 

Bravo, Riyadh! Here's to moving forward!

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