A Queer Woman Embarks On Unusual Quest For Acceptance In New Film

Robin Cloud's "Out Again" is based on a deeply personal experience.

Comedian Robin Cloud hopes her debut short film, “Out Again,” inspires audiences to “make stronger connections, deepen their love, and ― when needed ― find forgiveness.” 

The Huffington Post got an exclusive look at the trailer for “Out Again,” which premieres Wednesday at NewFest at The Center in New York and is part of Refinery29’s Shatterbox Anthology short film series. Cloud, who wrote and directed the film, stars as Cat, who returns home after marrying her longtime girlfriend. Unfortunately, Cat’s mother has Alzheimer’s disease, and does not remember that her daughter is a lesbian. 

Cloud, who is based in New York, told The Huffington Post that the film was partly inspired by her own relationship with her grandmother, Inez, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. “I used to call her on a regular basis to chat, and she would ask me a series of questions about how I was doing and what was going on in my life. After I answered, there would be a pause, and she would ask me the same questions again and again,” she said. “One day, I thought, ‘Wow, what if she forgot that I was gay?’ And with that, ‘Out Again’ was born.”

Though “Out Again” was inspired by her personal experience, Cloud hopes her film will resonate with others in the LGBTQ community who’ve had rocky relationships with family members. “I think my perspective is unique because this isn’t just a film about coming out, it’s a film about the shift in the relationship between a mother and daughter,” she said.  Ultimately, she’d like audiences to see “Out Again” as a “reminder of the power of queer love, community and perseverance” in America’s divisive political climate. “Through death, violence, joy and laughter,” she said, “we will support each other.” 

Starting March 19, “Out Again” will be available for streaming via Refinery29’s Shatterbox Anthology here

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