07/20/2015 11:39 am ET Updated Jul 22, 2015

Sake Cocktail Recipes That Will Instantly Brighten Your Summer

Laura Wagner

Contrary to collegiate belief, there are better ways to consume sake than in "bomb" form.

The traditional Japanese beverage, usually served either warmed or cooled, is made of fermented rice. The alcohol content typically runs a little lower than 40 proof, making it about half as potent as spirits like whiskey or vodka. As a result, many sake cocktails are crafted with light, fragrant flavors that enhance the natural flavor of the sake, rather than bury it.

While sake comes in many distinct flavors, similar to the variations between wines, bartenders frequently turn to cucumber, lemongrass and lychee to compliment its basic palate.

There's always room for a little creativity, however, as evidenced by the 10 sake cocktails below. Go ahead and get out of your gin-and-tonic rut this summer. 

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