09/29/2016 08:05 am ET Updated Sep 29, 2016

Samantha Bee Nails Why Hillary Clinton's Real Debate Foe Was Sexist BS

And she still “wiped the floor with Trump,” the comedian said.

While Hillary Clinton studiously prepared for her debate against Donald Trump, Samantha Bee noted that analysts were delivering style and personality pointers to the Democratic presidential nominee and not so much to her GOP rival.

“So, be perfect but not too perfect,” Bee recapped on Wednesday’s “Full Frontal,” which can be seen above. “Save us from fascism, but like, don’t be a bitch about it.”

Still, Bee noted that substance eventually prevailed ― and that Clinton was able to tune out the “pageant moms of punditry” as she “wiped the floor with Trump.”

Instead of fact-checking Clinton’s smile, Bee advised Americans to focus on the fact that the former secretary of state is “one of the only people in the whole goddamn country who’s not afraid of a bully.”

“Full Frontal” also sent camera crews to film supporters of both candidates in New York City bars. We now have the answer to a very important question: “If Donald Trump were a drink, what would be in it?”

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