05/17/2017 05:53 pm ET

Let's Play Sean Spicer Bingo While We Still Have The Chance

All of his favorite sayings are included!

The White House is a flaming dumpster right now, and it’s unclear who will still be there in a month. There are rumors that White House press secretary Sean Spicer might be fired after some recent disastrous press briefings. 

So, while he still has the job, let’s play Sean Spicer Bingo. We created a custom card, so print it out and play along during his press briefings!

Gosh, if we had a buck for every time he used one of these signature Sean Spicer catchphrases!

Illustration: Andy McDonald / HuffPost Photo: Getty


Use these custom tokens for some added Sean Spicer-brand fun!

tiler84 via Getty Images