Selfie Generation

The following images are from my exhibit 'Jonathan Yeo Portraits' at The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark. It is open to the public from Sunday, 20 March until Thursday, 30 June 2016.

2016-03-25-1458913725-6155984-CaraIGogglesMedRes.jpgCara I (Goggles), 2015. Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458913768-6009451-CaraIIYellowMedres.jpgCara II (Yellow), 2015. Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458913832-2078368-CaraIIICafemedres.jpgCara III (Cafe), 2015-16. Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458913868-5775877-CaraIVSelfiemedres.jpgCara IV (Selfie), 2015. Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458913898-1366372-CaraStudyI.jpgCara Study I, 2015. Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458913928-7534736-CaraVBlueMedres.jpgCara V (Blue), 2015. Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458913959-8774720-CaraVIMirrormedres.jpgCara VI (Mirror), 2015. Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458913999-9660395-CaraVIIGrouchomedres.jpgCara VII (Groucho), 2016. Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458914031-4760551-CaraXGasMaskLOW.jpgCara Study X, 2015. Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458914066-1535258-FullSizeRender5.jpgCara Delevingne in the artist's studio

2016-03-25-1458914097-3307004-IMG_7075.JPGCara Delevingne and Jonathan Yeo

2016-03-25-1458914164-6699423-IMG_8095.JPGCara Delevingne in the artist's studio

2016-03-25-1458914191-9376593-XXXx2641.jpgCara Delevingne and portrait. Photographer: David Loftus

2016-03-25-1458914222-804687-XXXx4131.jpgCara Delevingne and portrait. Photographer: David Loftus

2016-03-25-1458914252-6794506-XXXXXXXA22285C77DA0488B95A593150B87E951.JPGKevin Spacey unveiling portrait by Jonathan Yeo. Photographer: David Loftus

2016-03-25-1458914885-6210611-XXXXXXXPA_NPG_15_399SpaceyRcrcopy.jpgKevin Spacey as President Francis J. Underwood, 2015. Jonathan Yeo. Courtesy of the Smithsonian, National Portrait Gallery

2016-03-25-1458914983-2268165-yeo.jpgJonathan Yeo. Photographer: David Loftus


Leading portrait artist, Jonathan Yeo, recently unveiled a new portrait of Kevin Spacey as President Frank J. Underwood at the Smithsonian, National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C. to coincide with the latest series of House of Cards. Yeo's work, echoic of official presidential portraits and hanging in the same institution that they reside, playfully explores the fine line between fact and fiction in politics and the media, and the changing nature of society through expanding digital technology.

The largest retrospective to date of Jonathan Yeo's paintings has just opened at The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle, in Denmark. New portraits include a large series depicting model, actor, and social media phenomenon, Cara Delevingne. The paintings, in their representation of a social media icon who is used to changing roles for the camera, highlight what has become, a 'selfie generation'. Yeo shows the way personal identity is moulded in everyday life by people in the public eye, as well as the general public with their smart phones, and he questions how far we can ever reveal our true selves while we are so conscious and capable of manipulating images.