Seth Rogen Looked So Swaggy At His Bar Mitzvah Back In The Day

All dressed up and ready to rage.

Mazel tov, Seth Rogen, you just won this week's best #ThrowbackThursday photo. The "Neighbors" star blessed us with a photo from a very special moment in his adolesence -- his bar mitzvah. 

Observe, the awkward length of the hair, the aggressively buttoned button-up, the vest for good measure, and the not-pictured-but-almost-certainly-present pair of socks he was wearing, because nobody keeps their shoes on at a bar mitzvah: 


The 33-year-old used the precious photo to promote a contest. Apparently Rogen's "Freaks and Geeks" co-star James Franco is having a bar mitzvah for Rogen's organization, Hilarity for Charity, which raises awareness for Alzheimer's disease. 


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