Sibling Entrepreneurs Invent New Premium Travel Pillow That Creates A First Class Experience For Travelers

The Journey Pillow, created by Anthony and Candace Williams, is a one-of-a-kind travel pillow with individualized support tha
The Journey Pillow, created by Anthony and Candace Williams, is a one-of-a-kind travel pillow with individualized support that attaches to your seat-belt or waistband.

Recently, entrepreneur siblings Anthony and Candace Williams successfully kickstarted their premium travel product, the Journey Travel Pillow. Though many travelers have tried out various travel pillows on airplanes, these entrepreneurs ensure their customers that the Journey Travel Pillow will be the last travel pillow they’ll ever need to buy. 

With patented technology, the Journey Travel Pillow attaches to your seat-belt or waistband and adjusts to optimally fit around your neck. This provides a level of comfort that Anthony and Candace profess will bring luxury of first class to coach class travel. The Journey Travel Pillow is designed to solve the problem of sleepless flights and bring quality to the travel pillow market.

“We are excited about the impact that Journey Pillow will have on the travel industry. This product will revolutionize travel by eliminating the desire for preferred seating,” says Anthony Williams, CEO.

The Entrepreneurs

The Williams siblings are two professionals who are enthusiastic to introduce a new kind of business to the travel products industry. Candace, an industrial engineer, and Anthony, a clinical neurophysiologist, believe their approach to branding and marketing will put them ahead of their competition.

Solving a Problem

Traveling can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when sitting in close quarters with strangers, upright seats, and minimal leg room. For some people, conditions in coach seating make it next to impossible to fall asleep, or even relax. Even worse, maintaining an uncomfortable sitting position can lead to neck pain, back pain, vertebrae misalignment, and even breathing problems.  The Journey Travel Pillow is designed to solve all of this. With its memory foam, velour casing, and ergonomic fit, the pillow will not only provide the support and cushion needed to prevent aches and pains, but it will also help you get a comfortable sleep that’ll keep your mind focused for the rest of your travels.

The Business

Anthony and Candace are aiming to expand their e-commerce presence into brick-and-mortar retail stores. By participating in face-to-face events, they hope to expand their network enough to find the right opportunity. They’re also taking a modern approach to marketing, with branding like that displayed on their “#JourneySwag” Kickstarter t-shirts. The Journey Travel Pillow retails at $40 and promises its customers health through comfort and sleep.

The Bottom Line

The Journey Pillow is entering a saturated market, but most markets are pretty crowded these days. Anthony and Candace understand the importance of branding and marketing, and that is what will allow them to stand above their competition. They have a patented product, the beginning of a strong brand, and a reliable business partner in each other. 

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