04/01/2015 04:19 pm ET

There's A New SkyMall In Town

When SkyMall shut down earlier this year, economy-class passengers everywhere shed a collective tear.

So we're thanking our lucky clouds that there's a SkyMall replacement coming soon to a seat-back pocket near you.

It's called SKY2BUY, and it's going to be an insert in those travel magazines you find on planes. The special section won't be a "kitsch-filled catalog" like SkyMall, but rather a classy editorial spread with "shopping opportunities" embedded within, as its website states.

Passengers can expect to find travel gear, gadgets, food, fashion and auto-related items on SKY2BUY's pages. Oh, and everything will be discounted like in a duty-free shop.

You'll make SKY2BUY purchases right on the plane using "in-flight apps" (whatever those are). If you'd prefer to make a purchase after your flight, that's possible too, but you'll have to do it within 24 hours. SKY2BUY plans to use geotags to make sure only bona fide "travelers" get their goods.

Ooooh. Welcome to the future of travel.