#SmartSudan Policy for the Trump Administration

Sudanese and human rights activists have launched a 30 day twitter campaign during the month of June to alert the Trump Administration about the ongoing crisis in Sudan and the threat the Sudan regime poses to the U.S. because of its role in promoting political Islam and supporting terrorist networks. In addition, the campaign intends to advise the President and other government officials regarding appropriate U.S. policy for a regime whose leader, Omar al-Bashir, is indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Shortly before leaving office, President Obama signed Executive Order 13761, which lifted certain Sudan sanctions for a six month period. According to the Executive Order, on or before July 12th, Secretary Tillerson will submit a report to the President on whether or not the regime has sustained “positive action” that would justify permanently lifting sanctions, in particular, maintaining a cessation of hostilities, allowing humanitarian access, cooperation with the U.S. on regional conflicts (i.e. South Sudan and the LRA), and cooperation with the U.S. on terrorism.

The 30-day campaign is very simple and everyone is encouraged to participate. Tweets for each day are posted on the Sudan Policy page of sudanunlimited.org. The tweets target the President, officials who will advise Secretary Tillerson on the report, and leaders in Congress with the hope that they will influence the Administration with regard to smart Sudan policy.

The ultimate goal is for the people of Sudan to have the opportunity to recover their country and to lead peaceful and prosperous lives. The goal for this campaign is to help the Administration understand why it is important to take Sudan seriously because of its links to terrorism and because of the danger fragile states pose to U.S. and international security. Based on the actions of the Sudan regime, it is fair to say that President Obama was misguided in his decision to lift sanctions. The Trump Administration is strongly encouraged to use sanctions and other measures strategically to help stabilize Sudan in a way that would end conflict and provide support to the Sudanese people who have suffered for far too long under the Bashir regime.

The First 11 Days of Tweets in Review:

June 1 Dear @POTUS, advancing US interests requires a #SmartSudan Policy. @realDonaldTrump Needs to Take Action on Sudan http://time.com/4798594/trump-sudan-sanctions-aid-corruption-terrorism/

June 2 .@POTUS, @NRC_Norway reports violence displaced 4M. Bashir contributing to refugee crisis. #SmartSudan @NubaReports https://euobserver.com/migration/137489

June 3 .@POTUS: Darfur attacked. #SmartSudan policy requires independent verification for informed sanctions decision. https://nubareports.org/sudan-insider-a-new-conflict-in-darfur-more-displaced/

June 4 .@POTUS Easing sanctions is not #SmartSudan policy - it risks undermining the integrity of int'l financial systems. http://enoughproject.org/reports/sudans-deep-state-how-insiders-violently-privatized-sudans-wealth-and-how-respond

June 5 GoS response to cholera epidemic fails "improvement of humanitarian access" sanctions test. @POTUS - save lives w/ #SmartSudan policy.

June 6 #SmartSudan policy protects #HumanRightsDefenders. No freedom, no sanctions relief. @POTUS pls #FreeMudawi & Hafiz http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article62647

June 7 GoS breaks "pledge to maintain a cessation of hostilities." @POTUS, smart sanctions = #SmartSudan policy. http://africanarguments.org/2017/06/05/amid-silence-atrocities-in-darfur-have-restarted/

June 8 .@POTUS, #SmartSudan policy will apply "pressure on the govt to allow humanitarian aid to enter the Nuba mountains" https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sudan-medicine-aid-idUSKBN18S5L4

June 9 #SmartSudan Policy does not reinforce impunity by rewarding perpetrators of genocide. @POTUS #ArrestBashir http://reliefweb.int/report/sudan/culture-impunity-must-end-justice-prevail-darfur-international-criminal-court

June 10 .@POTUS #SmartSudan policy must be implemented by a Special Envoy who can outsmart "masters of the political game." http://www.worldpoliticsreview.com/trend-lines/22399/as-u-s-sudan-ties-thaw-the-human-toll-rises-in-the-nuba-mountains

June 11 .@KingSalman cooperation w/state sponsor of terrorism flouts US #SmartSudan policy. @POTUS please intervene. https://www.amnestyusa.org/urgent-actions/urgent-action-update-two-sudanese-activists-risk-deportation-saudi-arabia-ua-9-17/

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