11/13/2015 05:06 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2015

Unsuspecting Cats Get Completely Startled By ... Cucumbers? Yep.

These cats are not as cool as their stealthy cucumber stalkers.

“Making cat videos for the Internet is a cutthroat profession," she said. "You’ll never make it! You’re too weak!” My sobbing mother’s woeful prophecy still rings in my head. And on days like today, I can’t help but wonder if the old bag was right all along.

 Just as I was putting the finishing touches on my latest feline opus, a video of cats being startled by cucumbers, a colleague sent me a link to an almost identical video. I had failed to stay ahead of the Internet hive mind. I was inconsolable. Today, after a night of heavy drinking and soul searching, I decided my compilation had enough of its own perspective -- and an incredible John Williams inspired score  -- to justify its existence. If Hollywood can make two perfectly good Steve Jobs movies … why can't the same be true for cat and cucumber videos?

 Take that, mom!


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