Snoop Dogg Somehow Managed To Lose On A Question About Weed On 'Celebrity Family Feud'

We're sure there's a joke about being too high in here somewhere.

It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg loves marijuana. 

The rapper, who encouraged us all to “smoke weed every day,” appeared on an episode of “Celebrity Family Feud” last week where he put his ganja-loving lifestyle to the test. 

The 44-year-old California native faced off against boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard to “name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana.” 

As soon as host Steve Harvey said the word “marijuana,” Snoop’s hand was on the buzzer. (Not even a man known for quick hands can come between Snoop and his Mary Jane.) Harvey, of course, found the whole situation hilarious and had to take a minute to walk away. But he didn’t let Leonard off the hook, joking that he couldn’t even get to the buzzer first with “all them fast hands you got.” 

But here’s the kicker: Snoop answered with, “Put hands on him” (aka hit him), which came up low at No. 4. Leonard got a chance to beat him, and came up with “scream at him” ― the No. 2 answer ― giving him the steal.

You can watch the whole moment above.  



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