SOS: McCain to bin Laden -- Where is that Video You Promised Me?

In the heart of darkness that is the McCain campaign we know what they are waiting for, their last and best hope, the late October video from Osama threatening to "Bomb, bomb, bomb you Christian-Jewish dogs." We've been there. Done that. And since 9/11 it has always worked for the Republican candidate. Under America's ghoulmeister Rudy Giuliani, McCain's ambassador to chaos, Republicans have branded that American catastrophe for political profit, and worn it as a Dracula costume before every election to scare the electorate at Halloween. So why not once again? The McCain campaign has probably bought some air-time to run before the election to give such a bin Laden message its viral intensity. Time to frighten everyone who lives in the heartland and might be thinking of voting for Barack. After all, there must be some corn field in Iowa that is a strategic target. As Sarah Palin might say, "We can't risk having the terrorists bomb the ethanol out of us, can we Katie?"

Experience tells us that it is in Osama bin Laden's best interests to assure a McCain presidency any way that he can. The bellicosity of McCain's world view is just what bin Laden needs to oil Al-Qaeda's hate machine and keep it going. Beyond McCain's off again on again views of torture, he has no credibility since he declared a global war on the truth, and the more the world sees of him, the less it can trust him. Who else but an egregious opportunist would impose the dangerously ignorant Sarah Palin upon the world? The rest of the world still rises and falls with this country, and it will have to live in fear together with Americans that she will assume the Presidency, given McCain's age and health.

I am not so naïve as to believe that the election of Barack Obama would usher in an era of world wide good will, but it would jump start the restoration of the American reputation in the world, and probably bring greater cooperation among Western European countries in providing our government with information that will keep Americans safer. You can't tolerate torture and then expect countries who view the use of torture with shock and horror to cooperate with you in handing over terrorist suspects.

By this time we should all know that Osama bin Laden will do his damndest to defeat Barack and put McCain in the White House. Why the intrepid Sarah herself might even be dropped over the Pakistan-Afghanistan border to find bin Laden and carry his video message back to campaign headquarters. After all that woman can see Putin in Moscow all the way from her native Alaska, and as one who has had her demons driven out by a minister and shot wolves from a helicopter, she is perfectly safe in dealing with the demonic bin Laden, particularly if he shape shifts into a wolf. She might not be ready for a probing interview but she's up to the task of carrying the mail back to McCain. No kidding. The Obama campaign had better be armed against that video, ready to push back the Republican hate machine which will try to associate Obama with the terrorists. The Dems must use that very video to illustrate how bin Laden is desperate for McCain to be elected. It's true. And sometimes the truth gets through. So be prepared.