12/02/2015 06:00 am ET

11 Brilliant Uses For Leftover Sour Cream

Don't let another tub go bad in your fridge.

It happens all too often. We pick up a tub of sour cream at the grocery store to elevate Tuesday taco night to the next level and then find ourselves left with loads of sour cream to use up. It's great and totally worth it -- the only problem is a dollop here and a dollop there does not use up a whole tub. So how are we supposed to finish it up before the sour cream gets forgotten about in the back of the fridge (and left to get all moldy)?

Despite how much we might want to, we can't have taco night every day of the week. So instead, we have found solutions. Many, many delicious solutions. While you can -- and should -- remember to use leftover sour cream to top soups or slather on sandwiches in place of mayo, it has more potential than that.

Here are 11 ideas to get you started:

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