People Think They’ve Found Topless Pics Of Hunky South Korean Presidential Bodyguard

The internet did some sleuthing. Now, everyone's convinced these are Choi Young-jae's abs.
Bodyguard&nbsp;<a href="">Choi
Bodyguard Choi Young-jae unwittingly stole the show from the new South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

The news recently has been hectic, but Choi Young-jae, a bodyguard for South Korean President Moon Jae-in, has been a very welcomed distraction. Choi shot to internet fame last week after photos of him protecting the president went viral. His good looks apparently stole the show.

Now, people are giddy again after one person found photos of a shirtless model resembling Choi.

As if Choi’s smoldering stare wasn’t swoon-worthy enough, the man in the new photos (if it is indeed Choi) looks even more charming with a smile and a six pack.

Choi hasn’t confirmed the authenticity of the modeling pictures, but the internet is convinced it’s him.

AllKpop, a South Korean culture blog, dug up more information and published more pictures of Choi in other career roles ― and, yes, they include the photos of him as a shirtless and chiseled model. BuzzFeed also launched an investigation into Choi’s alleged abs.

Choi, a happily married father of two, revealed in an interview with The Korea Times that he was protecting the president as a volunteer when the photos showing him next to the president were taken.

Choi told the The Korea Times he had been an officer in the South Korean military for 10 years, serving in the Special Warfare Command, and was a counter-terror attacks instructor. He said he has an honorary 11th-degree black belt in martial arts.

Choi, a fervent supporter of the new president, was apprehensive about his newfound fame.

“I feel good. But also I’m concerned about the spotlight and the attention focused on me,” he told The Korea Times. “Attention should be paid to the president, not me. I don’t want to steal the limelight.”

Choi might not like all the new press, but the internet, with its thirst for handsome Asian men, wants to keep his fame alive.



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