Stratis Joins Microsoft Azure Marketplace

07/03/2017 05:04 pm ET

Stratis, the blockchain as a service and cryptocurrency company recently made headlines for joining the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Stratis which is already a full functional blockchain as a service platform now has a place for C# developers to create additional applications for the platform. The use cases are literally endless for what this could mean for the blockchain community.

As part of joining Microsoft, Stratis also launched their full node in C#. The full node is a more indepth tool used to analyze and interact with different transactions on the blockchain in a more significant way.

A fullnode in C# allows Stratis to build blockchain applications in C# without needing to use interim wallets (forks of Bitcoin) built in C++. Further, this will open blockchain development to a new community of C# developers, essentially helping expand the platform even more.

People should take note that what this means for Stratis is that Stratis becomes very appealing to large corporations (where C# is the dominant language.) I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a number of new partnerships forming in the coming weeks between Stratis and large corporations. These companies will be able to create either private or sidechain based blockchains of their own, and build smart contracts on top of Stratis.

Stratis is notorious in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community for being the largest ROI percentages from ICO to current date in the industry. The ROI for initial speculators is over 100,000% as of the time of writing.

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