02/27/2016 12:25 pm ET Updated Mar 03, 2016

Kitty Saved From NYC Subway Seeks Express Ride To A New Home

"This cat is a delight."

UPDATE: March 3 -- Subway Dunford is getting adopted by his namesakes, Ian and Angela Dunford, who were the first to hear him meowing in the subway, Magnificat Cat Rescue announced in a Facebook post.


This is Subway Dunford.

He got his name because he was found in the New York City subway. Residents of the Bronx contacted authorities after hearing the scared feline meowing through a subway grate.

Though Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers got the grate open on Sunday, they couldn’t lure Dunford out until Monday night, the New York Daily News reported. And then, the crowd of people gathered around frightened the cat right back into an emergency exit tunnel, causing delays for the city’s 6 train.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the NYPD, transit workers and animal rescue volunteers, Dunford was rescued from the subway for good Tuesday night after walking into a food-baited trap, according to Pix 11.

“He’s in shockingly good shape, but really dirty,” John Sibley, a volunteer with Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming, told the New York Daily News this week. “He’s about the dirtiest cat I’ve ever seen.”

Now Dunford is safe in the care of Magnificat, and Sibley is fostering the feline for now. But the lovable cat is still looking for a permanent place to call home.

“This cat is a delight,” says a Facebook post from Magnificat. “He needs a home -- a great home, because he is a great cat. “

Dunford gets along well with other cats, and does well with dogs as long as they aren’t aggressive, the post states.

If you’re interested in Subway Dunford -- or any of the other wonderful cats Magnificat has up for adoption -- visit Magnificat’s website to learn more.



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