06/22/2016 06:00 am ET

Summer Pie Recipes That’ll Make You The Hit Of Every Picnic

Raspberry, blueberry, peach, oh my.

The never-ending supply of fresh, seasonal produce is one of the best features of summer. Eaten just-picked and bursting with juice, fruit can be a transcendental experience -- a little taste of heaven on earth. The only thing better than that gastronomical joy is when summer fruit is baked into pies.

That’s right, we said baked. The summer months generally mean we stay out of the kitchen — hello, grilling season — and refrain from warming up our homes with the use of hot ovens, but pies make the heat worth it. The 35 summer pies we’ve found for you below certainly do. These pies are loaded with fruit, custards and even chocolate. They’re craddled in the butteriest of crusts, and are the perfect excuse for an extra scoop of ice cream on a sultry summer night.