Survey Reveals Impressive Profile of Today’s Babysitters

We all have fond memories of the babysitters who cared for us when we were young, though those sweet teenagers from around the neighborhood who charged my mom $3 per hour are quite different from the highly qualified sitters available to parents today. Families now pay an average hourly rate of $15 for a babysitter ( and even more for a sitter with special experience and skills—such as a degree in early childhood education or fluency in a second language—so it’s not surprising that babysitting has become a lucrative job that attracts many college students. According to a poll of 400 college student sitters available on UrbanSitter, many of today’s babysitters are well-educated and not only looking to earn a buck, but also gain valuable work experience that often applies to their fields of study. It’s great news for parents looking to hire a sitter who can serve as a positive role model and mentor for impressionable kids!

Here’s what else the study revealed about college babysitters:

They are committed students (a.k.a., solid mentors):

o More than half of the current students polled are pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree, 26% an Associate Degree, and 10% are working toward a Master's Degree.

o 30% boast a GPA of 3.5 or higher and an additional 29% have a GPA of 3.1-3.5.

Sitters polled represent a diverse range of fields of study:

o Primary fields of college study are Education (26%), Nursing/Medicine (23%), Psychology (16%), Business, English/Communications, Math and Science, Political Science and Engineering.

They are already experienced childcare providers in their own right:

o During the school year, 59% babysit part-time, 27% occasionally, and 14% full-time. During the summer, 40% babysit full-time!

o Nearly half regularly babysit for one to two families during the school year and 25% babysit for three to four families in between classes.

Sitters attending college earn an annual average of $1,708 and use their earnings for the following:

o Savings

o Books/School Supplies

o Fun/Activities

o Tuition

o Major purchase (car, home, etc.)

A babysitting job is more than a side hustle:

o 15% of college students polled have landed an interview or job opportunity by networking with a family met through a babysitting job.

o 32% say they have been able to gain experience that is relevant towards their field of study by babysitting.

They bring a level of professionalism to the job. In addition to babysitting, they have worked in various roles, including:

o Retail 30%

o Customer service 27%

o As a Tutor 26%

o As an Intern 26%

While I don’t discount the fun times I had with the sitters my mother hired, it’s reassuring to know that there are well qualified sitters available today who bring a wealth of experience, skill, and mentoring to the time they spend with my kids.

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