05/24/2016 08:42 am ET Updated Jun 30, 2016

Read This If You Think You Need A Vacation


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We don’t know what you do for a living, but we do know you likely need a break. A recent study found that 42 percent of Americans didn’t use ANY vacation days in 2014. And, nearly halfway through the year, we’re challenging you (yes -- busy, overworked, financially stretched you) to Take A Break.

During the month of June, we’ll help you nail down how many vacation days you have at your disposal, figure out where to go, and plan a trip you can actually afford.

Of course, there are times when you can’t just “get away” to someplace exotic. But whether it’s spending a peaceful weekday morning alone at home, playing tourist in your own city with friends or planning the bucket-list adventure of a lifetime, we can all find ways to #TakeABreak.

If you subscribed to our newsletter after June 1, check out the list below to catch up on daily challenges. 

Day 1: Let yourself dream a little. Your challenge today is to daydream about your ideal vacation. Spend 10 minutes creating your own vacation inspiration board. To help you get started, check out our dream getaways on Pinterest. And if you’re looking for another good resource, here are the top 50 cities to see in your lifetime.

Day 2: The numbers don't lie. A recent HuffPost/YouGov poll found that 32 percent of us took ZERO vacation days in the past year. And 22 percent of us took only 1 to 7 days off. Your challenge today is to tell us your biggest barrier to taking a break, so we can help you plan accordingly. Take our poll here

Day 3: You have options. Your challenge today is to count all the days your company is paying you to stay away from work.

Day 4: Vacation physically boosts your body. Your challenge today is to learn about the ways travel boosts our health.

Day 5: The Cost Factor. A recent HuffPost/YouGov poll found that money was the biggest reason we don't take vacations. Your challenge today is to learn how HuffPost blogger Gloria Atanmo affords to travel around the world. It's easier than you think.

Day 7: Hello, break. Your challenge today is start planning, because the happiest part of your vacation starts now.

Day 8: Boosting your productivity. Your challenge today is write down three things you've been meaning to accomplish. It may seem counterintuitive, but research shows that taking time off can actually make you more productive.

Day 9: Practice makes perfect. Your challenge today is to take an immersive 10-minute break at work, because you don't need an unlimited vacation policy in order to escape.

Day 10: Closer than you think. Your challenge today is to make plans for a weekend trip in your state

Day 11: Picture yourself on a break. Your challenge today is to take a moment for yourself, and post a photo of your mini-vacation with the hashtag #TakeABreak. 

Day 12: Get inspired. Your challenge today is to download some mood-boosting songs that sing to your adventurous spirit.

Day 13: Cost analysis. Your challenge today is to fill out this simple worksheet and start saving for a trip, even if it's just a staycation.

Day 14: Q&A. Your challenge today is to learn how to find cheap flights from a deal-finding pro. 

Day 15: Follow along. Your challenge today is to start following some of the best websites for cheap flight deals

Day 16: Planners prosper. Your challenge today is to plan a date for your next break, because that's what successful vacation-takers do

Day 17: Take a virtual vacation. Your challenge today is to set up a time to video chat with a friend from a faraway place 

Day 18: Who are you? Your challenge today is to find out what type of traveler you are, and have a friend do the same to see if you match.

Day 19: Out to eat. Your challenge today is to make a dinner date with yourself for this week, and savor the taste of adventure.

Day 20: Think on it. Your challenge today is to pinpoint a life-changing lesson you learned on a trip.

Day 21: It's getting real. Your challenge today is to choose a destination for your next break

Day 22: Me time. Your challenge today is to learn what it means to take a mental health day

Day 23: Good credit. Your challenge today is to learn about the best credit card for travelers, so you can save up some points to use on your next flight.

Day 24: Take off to turn on. Your challenge today is to learn about how taking a break resulted in Broadway's most popular musical EVER. 

Day 25: Flight time! Your challenge today is to find a great flight for your next trip.

Day 26: Plan your ask. Your challenge today is to plan how you'll ask your boss for time off, in a way that's proven to make them respond.

Day 27: Today's the day! Your challenge today is to email a request for vacation time to your boss. 

Day 28: Read up. Your challenge today is to get lost in one of these books for people with wanderlust

Day 29: Loose ends. Your challenge today is to give yourself a break, and nail down some details for your upcoming trip. 

Day 30: That's a wrap! Your challenge today is to remember, always, that adventure changes lives. Whether it's on your freshly-planned vacation or during a time-out at work, we hope you'll never hesitate to take a break.