02/27/2016 05:28 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2016

Woman's Very Clever Tattoo Reminds People She's Deaf In One Ear

"I thought this was a friendly (way) to remind the world not to talk to me from the left."

A woman came up with an ingenious solution to remind people not to speak into her deaf ear.

Imgur user raingoose had a tattoo of a tiny speaker icon with an "X" inked just behind her left lobe.

"Since I'm deaf on one ear I thought this was a friendly (way) to tell the world not talking to me from the left," she said in a post on the image-sharing platform on Thursday.

It's unclear exactly where raingoose is located, but the picture has since gone viral with more than 2.6 million views.

Some commenters questioned why she'd gone for a speaker and not a microphone. "I thought that people won't talk to me at all if I chose the mic…," she wrote. "I may be a stutterer, but I can still articulate myself."

Her photograph inspired other Imgur users to also share pictures of similar tattoos.

User Paswed posted this snap of himself with a muted microphone in the same position.

And user presswanders posted this picture, in which he admitted he'd gone for a more literal inking.

User DactylicHexameter said they were also deaf in one ear and would be "totally stealing your idea!"

Raingoose also had a heartwarming message to anyone else who is hard of hearing. "I know -- it sucks so bad, but eventually you'll get used to it and it will be a tiny little thing that is a part of you."