08/30/2015 09:20 pm ET

Taylor Swift Hangs Out With A Lion And Makes Out With Scott Eastwood In 'Wildest Dreams' Video

Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset.

Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" video is here and it's just as, well, dreamy as we expected. 

After hyping up the new video with a teaser on Twitter last week, the singer debuted the full-length version at the MTV VMAs Sunday night. 

In the stunning vintage-looking clip -- seriously, every shot looks like it came out of the pages of Vogue -- Swift hangs out with a lion (and other safari animals), shows off her perfect foot pop and, of course, shares multiple steamy make-out sessions with Scott Eastwood. They really do make a beautiful couple. 

Oh, but it turns out the whole beautiful love affair was just in her (you guessed it) wildest dreams. Swift's and Eastwood's characters are just actors working on a movie together, and once the set comes down, it's all over. Eastwood is a married man and it was all pretend. But will there be bad blood?

Watch the whole thing for yourself. 


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