09/16/2015 11:43 am ET

Teen A Capella Group’s Musical Medley Has An Important Message About Sex

Listen up.

It's all too easy for young people to get "lost in the game" of love and sex -- and a new video explores that. 

XIV Hours, an a cappella group from Durham Academy High School in North Carolina, made a video to accompany their three-part musical medley about sex and communication. 

"We realized that we wanted to deliver an important message and inspire conversation on a larger level about relationship expectations and the mixed messages teens navigate through the music they listen to every day," the group wrote in the video's description

The first act explores the sexual and graphic nature of the lyrics in popular songs, like "I'm A Slave 4 U" and the horror that is "Blurred Lines." The second act features a young couple figuring out how to communicate about sex. And the third and final act shows how the mixed messages teenagers receive about sex and the complicated "rules" of hooking up can affect them negatively -- unless they learn to communicate effectively, state their own boundaries, and become confident in themselves.

Watch the full, awesome video above. 


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