Teenager Lotte Lutjes Recreates Iconic Taylor Swift Looks With Astounding Accuracy

🎤 They'll never go out of style 🎤

Lotte Lutjes isn't your average 18-year-old. 

The Taylor Swift superfan from the Netherlands spends her spare time recreating the singer's most iconic looks and -- confession -- we never ever ever thought they would be this accurate. 

I finally finished the Grammys outfit! Ngl, I feel fabulous in this 👑🎉💕

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In an email correspondence with The Huffington Post, Lutjes explained that she's always loved Swift and her personal style. The teenager said she took up sewing when she and her friends were trying to recreate memorable Swift looks during the European leg of the singer's Red tour, but were unable to find certain styles for sale. The 18-year-old enlisted the help of her grandmother, started sewing classes and voilà! A style star was born. 

"I loved making and wearing the outfits so much that I just kept going, also because of the positive comments I received from lots of other fans!" Lutjes told HuffPost.

Style outfit progress! The front is all done, just gotta do the back now 💀

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Lutjes, who first spoke with Seventeen about her incredible TSwift looks, told the magazine that she also has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a neurological disorder that makes it difficult to walk or stand for extended periods. Creating costumes has not only given her confidence, it's also changed her whole outlook on life. 

"I've felt really left out and useless at times, but this honestly felt like a whole new world!" she said. "The costumes definitely make me feel more confident. Not because I look like Taylor in them -- that's not my main goal! I just love making them and they make me feel fierce."

While we agree she looks super fierce, it's hard not to notice the resemblance (red lip, winged eyeliner and all!) that she shares with the "Style" singer.

Lutjes could double as Swift's doppelgänger any day -- a fact the entertainer herself has noticed! TSwift once reblogged one of the teenager's posts on Tumblr, commenting, "Lol I thought that was me." 

"Honestly, that was one of the craziest nights ever," Lutjes told HuffPost. "I posted the picture just for fun and checked my phone two minutes later - 824 new notes on Tumblr! I screamed (as quietly as possible, considering it was like midnight) and I pretty much got no sleep that night. Worth it though!" 

It's been one year since this happened. A life changing moment.

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They're twins! 

Another picture from the Red tour themed shoot I did a while ago! (picture credit- Rob Jacquet)

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I just realized I made today's entire outfit myself, cool cool cool

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my tests are finally over so I spent my afternoon sleeping and doing makeup 🙈

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so the Grammys are today, right?

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Lutjes, who recently graduated from the Dutch equivalent of high school, told HuffPost that she's going to take a gap year to continue working on her skills.

"After that I'll hopefully be able to get into college for fashion design," the teenager said. "It would be an absolute dream! We'll see where it goes."

Maybe one day, she'll get to design a look for Swift herself. 



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