03/10/2008 02:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Terrorists Among Us: Rep. Sally Kern

The war against terror is obviously running amuck in Oklahoma. Just last week, born again Sally Kern, one of the more detestable elected officials in this country, was once again modeling how fear and hate mongering can be a dandy way to fire up the Republican base.

In a speech delivered for a conservative Christian group that she never expected to be taped and released, good-old-girl Sally said that gays and lesbians were the "biggest threat "our nation has ever faced "even more than terrorism or Islam..." She goes on to say that gays are "infiltrating" city councils, responsible for the demise of world societies and compared being gay to a "cancer" that apparently needs to be cut out. Hitler had nothing on this woman.

Every thinking citizen of this country should write to Rep. Chris Benge, Speaker of the House for the Oklahoma House of Representatives asking for censure of this terrorist. Free speech is not a license to incite hate and violence, and sadly that is what this ugly oration is all about. Today, in regions all over this country where ignorant people actually accept these stupid lies as having some basis in fact, school-aged boys and girls who may appear a little more feminine or masculine than Sally thinks is appropriate are going to be terrorized by peers who listen to this crap because their parents listen to this crap. And that's just for starters. This type of terrorism is the genesis of all hate crimes from name calling to murder.

George Bush may have had one thing right. The war on terror begins at home. But instead of profiling innocent Americans simply because of their ethnic background, maybe we should start profiling elected officials who make speeches without any academic or factual merit as a means to exploit and manipulate their uneducated constituents. If Oklahoma is where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, perhaps a big gust will sweep Sally Kern out of office and to a place where she can no longer promote hate, violence and bigotry.