Woman Uses Insulting Birthday Cake To Tell Her Mom She's Pregnant

“We have made some quirky or sarcastic cakes in the past."

We’ve seen some interesting pregnancy announcements, but this one takes the cake.

Terry Overfelt discovered on her birthday that she was going to be a grandmother. Her daughter, Hillary Hinrichs of St. Louis, relayed the message with a method that was both sweet and a touch tasteless.

Hinrichs spilled the beans last week by giving her mom a cake that read, “Happy birthday ya stupid lookin’ grandma,” according to “Inside Edition.”

It might sound insulting to outsiders, but Overfelt insists she wasn’t hurt by the words.

The message looks kind of crass but because we are so close, it’s a term of endearment,” she told ABC News. “When it ended in ‘Grandma,’ that processing moment was hilarity and awe.”

Hinrichs said the message on the cake was part of an inside joke.

“We have made some quirky or sarcastic cakes in the past,” she told “Inside Edition.” “Our family expected it to be out of the ordinary.”

Hinrichs is expecting a baby girl to arrive Nov. 1 ― which just happens to be her third wedding anniversary with her husband, Derek.

Wonder what they’ll write on the child’s first birthday cake?



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