10/10/2006 02:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

That Bush-Foley Photo: The Contest Winners!

First of all - congratulations to all the many entrants - and especially to the 30 finalists.

A very high standard of wit from HuffPo readers.

Thanks also to all those who voted in this contest.


After much deliberation and use of a high-tech Diebold abacus - we have tabulated your votes - and here are the winners of the Bush-Santorum-Foley Photo Caption Contest:

Here's the photo:

20060727-6_p072606pm-0181-515h.jpg (from the White House Archive)

In fifth place...

 While most of the assembled party were happy to see the new Child Protection Act passed, Congressman Foley was troubled by the potential impact on his social life...

(submitted by rwt1138)

In fourth place...

Let us prey!
(submitted by kay1217)

In third place...

 Above Bush's head: LIAR

Above Santorum's head: LIAR

Above Foley's head: PANTS ON FIRE! 

(submitted by cosbo)

In second place...

 A Wanker, a canker and an underage Spanker. 

(submitted by posttoasty)

AND THE WINNER IS (drum roll please!)...

#18 !!!

President Bush: "Sex offenders are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our children, and neither do we."

Kudos to "rexmundi" for submitting the most popular entry!


And I am delighted to add a small prize to go with the well-earned kudos. Something to salute the sharp wit of our winner,

It is a mint copy of a rare, out-of-print CD starring Monty Python, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - "DEAD PARROT SOCIETY! The Best Of British Comedy". It's something I produced a few million years ago in an earlier incarnation back in the days when John Cleese and I started the ''Secret Policeman's Ball" benefit shows for Amnesty International...

The quality of the humor of the HuffPo readers who entered this contest reminds me of that wonderful era - and of the legendary speech balloon covers of the British satirical magazine Private Eye that my dear departed pal Peter Cook devised. Peter would have got a chuckle or three from the contest entries. (And would have had a few of his own to suggest...)

rexmundi - you will be hearing direct from the administrators of Huffington Post to arrange to send you your prize. Enjoy!