That Look On Her Face

So, I watched pieces of the Palin interviews with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson. I turned off the sound just so that I could read her facial expressions. I recommend it. Her facial expressions and her hand gestures are quite interesting because they are those of someone who knows she is bullshitting and is trying to put it over by being extra emphatic. She is full of resentment and entirely exasperated that she is not being accepted in the way she thinks of herself. Don't you know Alaska is right next to Russia? Don't you know only a small strip of ocean separates the two? Putin might raise his head! (except that Moscow is 6000 miles from Alaska). Her every expression says, "How dumb are you, that you don't know what I know." She is so ignorant that she doesn't even know that others know things that she doesn't know. She is confident in her belief that Henry Kissinger, of all people, is naive. Many in the liberal blogosphere are beginning to feel sorry for Sarah Palin, but I don't think we should go there, even for a moment. Every report out of Alaska indicates that she is ruthless above all, that she uses and exploits others for her own purposes, then betrays them when they are no longer useful. When I see her talking, I can see that -- her face shows impatience with the process -- why bother, she is saying, let me just have what I want.

Let's talk about blinking. Lots of us who jumped on Palin's case when she first got tapped as VP candidate were taken to task for not giving her a chance. Aside from the fact that it's all important when dealing with Republicans to jump right on them and start the fight on your own terms, we also had an intuition, a la Malcolm Gladwell's Blink, that she just wasn't right -- that her manner and her life choices didn't add up to a full deck, and, speaking for lots of women, that the white Right men had gone for the pin up girl without asking her to pass the exam. Le voila, as they say in France. No amount of cramming has prepared her to pass the exam, and the way she thinks gets more and more edgy, disorganized, mixed up, and aggressive.

So. It's working. As I said last week, attack attack, attack, expose expose expose. Only two things are possible if McCain wins--Americans will knowingly go for the two least defensible candidates in living memory, or we will have those candidates thrust upon us by fraud. I hope it goes to Obama. But we have nothing to lose from taking the fight to them. Kathleen Parker over at the National Review Online says that Palin should drop out. I say keep her. Sarah Palin IS the evidence that John McCain doesn't know what he's doing, and that the Republican party is a bankrupt, empty, greedy, power-mad cabal. I want that on display.