07/30/2015 09:58 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2015

The Struggles Of Raising Picky Dressers

"I've had this costume on since Halloween, and now it's May."

There are a lot of articles, books and even music videos about parenting picky eaters. But that's not the case for picky dressers -- the kids who refuse to put on pants, the ones will only leave the house in a princess dress or those who insist on being in head-to-toe green. 

Filling this void, the funny ladies behind What's Up Moms partnered with Fruit of the Loom to make a clothing struggle-themed parody of Icona Pop's "I Love It." Their music video showcases some of the everyday battles parents of picky dressers face -- from arguing about whether or not it's too cold to wear a swimsuit outside in winter, to being forced to cut all the tags out of clothes, to commanding that you "can't wear PJ's to school!"

Standout lyrics include, "I wear my tutu every day, but I won't brush my hair," "I wear 10 bracelets and five necklaces when I go play" and "I've had this costume on since Halloween, and now it's May."

Too real. 

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