The Audacity of an Ambitious Woman

The time is now to begin to shine the light on women who are bold enough to dream a dream and courageous enough to pursue it. We must continue to celebrate, elevate, collaborate and congratulate women who harness their power to their passion, who have identified and tapped into their innate talent, who have invested time, energy and resources into nurturing their gifts; Those who have ditched the yellow brick road and have designed their own paths. We must remember and learn from the brave women who have discovered the powers within and have committed to a pursuit of purpose.

The physical, mental, emotional and societal constraints of the world must be challenged when they assume that because women want to win we are on a power trip. Our truth is that when we as women exalt our voices it’s because we desire to be heard, it’s because we have something to say, because we know our words and our stories and our lessons and our struggles bring value to the world in which we live. Our goal is always to give back and bring value. Our mission is to bring healing and love, and although these qualities are easily accepted feminine traits that we proudly possess, we no longer want to be limited by them. We have so much more to bring and so much more to offer.

We are more than capable of becoming change agents. We are not leaders because we say so but because of the growth and evolution of everything we touch. Whether in be between the four walls of our own homes, the extended reach of activism and volunteerism in our communities or even in the guidance, direction and submission to prayer that allow the men in our lives to stand taller, stronger and wiser.

While women have continued to shatter barriers throughout history and are currently knocking down walls of opportunity that refuse to let us in; there continues to be a misconception that because we wage war on gender gaps we lack value and respect for our male counterparts. This is simply not true. A wise woman understands the abundance of merit and contribution that Men bring. Our mission is not to belittle or take anything away from our menfolk.

Ambitious women of virtue understand and live by the truth that a candle doesn’t lose any of its shine by lighting another candle. By continuing to develop a culture that doesn’t reduce women to small ambition out of fear of offending or intimidating men and other women. We must embrace a world where women are encouraged to shine bright without being accused of self-righteousness and self-loathing.

Women with big dreams, unapologetic goals, and larger than life visions do not pursue these things out of selfish ambition. We believe that prosperity and abundance is our birthright and we are working to make a difference and to leave our mark on the world. What’s so wrong with that? We no longer want to be shunned and snared at because we desire to unleash our God given gifts unto the earth before we return to our creator.

Women who GET it and are brave enough to GO for it take well thought out risks, we develop strategy and have mastered implementation and execution.

We are authentic, confident and unapologetic.

We know the power of positivity so we strive to always be optimistic, proactive and strong willed. We are strong enough to ask for help and gracious enough to extend it. We are supportive of other women and are always willing to mentor and teach in order to create a network of sisters in success. We appreciate what we have by practicing gratitude, We know that a grateful heart is the gateway to getting what we want. We connect with like-minded women and we spend time with those who expand our horizon and shift our perspective.

Women must continue to shine so bright that the world has no choice but to recognize and embrace the audacity of an ambitious woman.

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