The Best Garlic Hack on the Planet

09/06/2016 07:04 pm ET
For the Love of Fermenting:&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank">Jar-diniera</a>
For the Love of Fermenting:  Jar-diniera


Sitting right under our garlic-loving noses was the solution this entire time.  Recently discovered in the reCAP kitchen, this is possibly the best life hack for garlic lovers.  For those of us that are truly fanatics, in the practice of splitting’ heads and peeling’ cloves daily, a Mason jar has just become our new best friend.

Garlic.  For some, it’s an obsession.  I’m one of those people.  I absolutely love the taste of garlic, how it instantly elevates food to a flavor nirvana, how it fills the air with that inviting pungency that says, “Oh, thanks for stopping by...let’s sit down and eat and relax and just enjoy this time together.”  

Perhaps I’m biased, as garlic is a staple in every Italian household and in numerous dishes, but I genuinely use a lot of garlic and greatly appreciate the many health benefits, including an impressive array of essential vitamins and minerals.  It has endless uses and finds its way into the kitchens of cultures all around the world.  And, it’s definitely not a fad.

Take a Mason jar, add reCAP FLIP, and just shake, shake, shake.   Watch what happens:

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