03/10/2017 03:13 pm ET Updated Mar 29, 2017

The Best Food Instagram Accounts

Everything in moderation, you know?

When we set out to find the best Instagram accounts for healthy eating, we first had to answer the question, “What does it mean to ‘eat healthy’?” 

It’s a fair question that even our government is trying to tackle. And almost everyone has an opinion. It’s high-fat, low-carb. No, it’s low-fat, high-carb. Others say the answer is a Mediterranean-style of eating. And you’ll get an entirely different answer from the Paleo crowd.

But truthfully, it’s enough to make your head spin. So we took a level-headed approach: In rounding up the food Instagrammers who inspire our “healthy” meals, we did our best to select accounts that reflect an everything-in-moderation approach. You’ll find a lot of wholesome ingredients, plant- and meat-based dishes and the occasional sweet treat, too. 

But no funfetti. And no straight-up baking blogs. And not because there is anything wrong with that deliciousness, but just because we had to draw a line somewhere.

We trust you’ll occasionally indulge, too. Because strictly clean eating? That’s confining, time-consuming and likely unenjoyable. And you’d be missing out, if you ask us.