The Best Snacks for Weight Loss!

It’s a cool, cloudy, fall day here on Long Island, and boy is there a load off my chest! Here in New York State, you’re able to stay on your family’s health insurance plan until age 29, after which time you must get your own. This is an expense that I’ve dreaded for YEARS, and being that I turned 29 back in September, I was frightened that I’d be screwed when it came to finding an adequate form of health insurance. Fortunately, thanks to tax credits and other things that I had to do an insane amount of Googling on to understand, I got a damn good deal on my health insurance starting in the New Year, which again, takes a huge load off and makes me happy :-)

Now then, at the start of each week in the Permanent Weight Loss Community, I ask our members what their specific health and weight loss goals are for the week. One of them mentioned the following:

Now, most of those snacks are pretty damn good! The yogurt might be a little sugary for my taste, but all in all, a pretty wide variety of healthy fare to snack on throughout the week is already in this Permanent Weight Loss Community member’s arsenal…

By the way, if you’re not already in the Permanent Weight Loss Community, hell’s wrong witchu?! Join us by going to, answering the three questions you’ll be posed, and I’ll add you to the group within 24 hours.

Getting back, below you’ll find my four go-to healthy snack options that keep me lean and in top condition year-round:

1) Organic, Raw Nuts and Seeds. My personal favorites are almonds and Brazil nuts. For brevity’s sake, we want our nuts and seeds to be organic in order to avoid both pesticide and herbicide exposure. We want them raw so that we avoid any salt or trans fat that may remain in the nuts or seeds.

2) Non-Starchy Veggies. Avoid beans, corn, potatoes and sweet potatoes as snacks. When these starchy veggies are ingested in quantities of 1/2 a cup or more, it stimulates the Insulin Resistance Cycle, which jacks up your blood sugar, has your pancreas secreting a ton of insulin to regulate this blood sugar hike, and thus leads to excess fat storage over time (unless, of course, you were just finishing up a killer workout!) — Not to mention significantly increasing your chances of becoming Type-2 Diabetic. My three main go-tos on this front are organic broccoli florets, organic carrot sticks, and organic celery sticks.

3) Low-Glycemic Fruits. High-Glygemic Fruits rank anywhere from 50–100 on the glycemic index, meaning that regardless of the fiber, vitamins and minerals within these fruits, nothing’s going to stop it from hindering your health or your waistline very much. Simply Google the Glycemic Index of your favorite fruits, and see if they fall within the 0–49 range. My main go-tos are organic apples, avocados, organic berries (any kind is OK!), organic cherries, organic oranges, and organic pears. To save some money, check out the Clean 15 and see if any of your favorite Low-Glycemic Fruits can be eaten convention

4) Quest Bars. While not the best nutritionally, if you’re on the go and you don’t even have either the foresight or the time to grab a low-glycemic fruit, a non-starchy veggie, or a bag full of organic, raw nuts or seeds, Quest Bars are a low-carb, high-protein option that I personally utilize on a regular basis. I have these on Subscribe-and-Save on Amazon, and they save my ass every month when I’m driving around for 8–12 hours at a time, and forget to pack a whole food-based snack.

Hope this helps give you some ideas for your healthy snack options! Now get to the grocery store and stock up on some of these ;-)

Sincerely, Pete Weintraub

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