The Biggest 'Walking Dead' Premiere Question Has Been Answered

Did Michonne take the peanut butter bar? Now we finally know.

"The Walking Dead" Season 6 premiere left us with a lot of questions. Will the Alexandria walls hold against the walkers? How long can Carol keep up this sweet and innocent act? Is Maggie actually pregnant? And, of course, who is blowing that dang horn?

But one question has perplexed fans above all:

Did Michonne take Morgan's peanut butter protein bar? 

Image: AMC/YouTube

Michonne denies it, but Morgan "could've sworn there was one more peanut butter left." 

Following the exchange, Twitter blew up. Some people were on Morgan's side, others on Michonne's. Regardless, everyone loved it. Even celebs weighed in:

But what's the truth? Michonne wouldn't lie, right? I mean, don't we all always think there's one peanut butter left?

Unfortunately, no. Michonne is full of it. And by "it," we mean Morgan's missing peanut butter bar.

The damning evidence comes in the Season 3 episode "Clear." Rick is talking to Carl and you can see Michonne undeniably chewing on something.

Image: Netflix

No, don't do it, Michonne! Noooooo!

A fan even put together a video of the moment:

Wow, it's a good thing Morgan doesn't have Netflix. Rick is all, "We're eating his food now?" But Michonne is all like, "[The] mat said, 'Welcome.'"

She's got a point there. 

Showrunner Scott Gimple confirmed the news on "Talking Dead" after the premiere aired, repeating Michonne's line from the episode, "The mat did say 'Welcome.'"

The showrunner added that he was surprised so many people were "aghast" Michonne ate the bar and didn't own up to it,  saying, "There’s a lot of bad things going on right now. Let her have the protein bar."

So there it is. Michonne definitely took Morgan's peanut butter bar. 

The question now is, will this come back to bite her? Though, a better question might be: Does it look like she cares?

Image: Netflix/AMC 

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