The Case for Artificial Intelligence

12/12/2017 10:58 pm ET

I'd like to argue in favor of AI. It would be imprudent to disregard the impact that artificial intelligence has begun to have on almost everything we apprize and take for granted. Maybe its time we championed AI and realized the difference that it can make to our businesses. For too long we have spurned those trying to improve our world and perceived AI as an evil fiend that is only interested in controlling our markets and weaponing our lives. Instead of exclusively concentrating on the worst-case scenario, I am hopeful that the world will begin to realize that AI can indeed improve our lives, our society, and the planet in which we all reside.

AI has proven that it has the power to outsmart humans. However, there are now two camps of thought. In one corner, we have those that believe AI will massively improve our way of life & business. In the other corner we have those that are concerned once the Pandora’s box has been cracked open, we could unwittingly be creating a dystopian future. You know where I stand.

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