09/09/2015 05:24 pm ET Updated Sep 10, 2015

The Dogs At Fashion Week This Year Are So Fetch

The latest in haute dog couture.

At New York Fashion Week this year, the sidewalk's the catwalk and it's gone to the dogs.

In our campaign to disrupt fashion week, we were all over it when fashion photographer Chantal Adair sent us photographs from her new series: New York's best-dressed dogs.

After shooting people on the street and for magazine editorials for five years, Adair told HuffPost that it's been invigorating to dress dogs up and shoot them instead. "It's like having dogs make fun of fashion week in a way, because it’s been the same thing over and over again for me. Photographing the dogs is like a completely new experience," she said. "It felt like the first season I picked up a camera [at fashion week]."

Adair says taking pictures of dogs is more challenging than shooting people. "You don’t know how long you’ll have before they won’t be interested, and you have to massage them to keep them calm and hope you can get a shot in before they yank the clothes off," she said. We think that sounds really similar to shooting celebs.

She hopes to get enough images to fill a book of New York's most sartorial dogs and aims to have something out within a year. In the meantime, she'll post pictures on her new Instagram feed, @thedogstyler.

Sure, the fashion world can be harsh, but it's not all dog-eat-dog.

  • Guga
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Guga looks gorge in this faux fur Cynthia Rowley coat (too shy for Instagram).
  • Bodhi
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Bodhi is a big tipper in his Calvin Klein shirt, tailored J. Crew tee and custom jacket (IG: @mensweardog).
  • Toast
    Chantal Adair/thedogstyler
    Toast is doin' that damn thing in a turtleneck from Ralph Lauren (IG: @toastmeetsworld).
  • Druk & Charlie
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Druk and Charlie are in it 2 win it in their sweaters from Beacon's Closet (IG: @deafdal).
  • Chloe Kardoggian
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Chloe wears a Coach dress and a beret by Dog In A Fez (IG: @chloekardoggian).
  • Tinkerbelle
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Tinkerbelle is throwing shade in her dress from Doggie Diva Boutique and Valentino sunglasses (IG: @tinkerbellethedog).
  • Cookie
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Cookie wears Baby Gap like a boss (IG: @ps.ny).
  • Hudson & Samson
    Chantal Adair/thedogstyler
    Hudson and Samson are breaking hearts in their vintage jackets from Beacon's Closet (IG: @hudsonthegoldendoodle and @samsonthedood).
  • Francis Bacon
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Francis woke up like this in his Marc Jacobs shirt (IG: @bacon_the_dog).
  • Alfonso Henry
    Chantal Adair/thedogstyler
    Alfonso is a stud in his outfit from Saks (IG: @alfonsothedog).
  • Chloe
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Chloe's poppin that Jimmy Choo collar in her tutu from Martha Stewart For PetSmart (IG: @chloetheminifrenchie).
  • Pica the Pom
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Pica sparkles in a bandana from Marchand Des Legumes and a Chanel necklace (IG: @picathepom).
  • Madison
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Madison looks divine in a Max Studio Baby dress and Louboutins (IG: @minidalmaddy).
  • Hazel Bear & Wally
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Hazel is a Disney princess for Wally (who wears a bespoke suit) (IG: @eric_abyolo & @wallythewelshcorgi).
  • Moochi & Skye
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Moochi & Skye make plaid look posh in their Urban Outfitters shirts (too private for IG).
  • Rosenberg
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Rosenberg is too cool for school in his Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Ralph Lauren blazer and Dolce & Gabbana shirt (IG: @rosenbergthedog).
  • Wrigley
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Wrigley wears a treasure found at Beacon's Closet (IG: @greatedaneinthecity).
  • Zoey Blitz
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Zoey is graceful in a tutu from Baby Essentials (IG: @zoeyblitz).
  • Bowie
    Chantal Adair/ thedogstyler
    Bowie is a GENIUS in this PetSmart ruff (no IG for Bowie).

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