The Impact of Culture and Diversity on Global Businesses

01/17/2017 11:15 am ET Updated Dec 25, 2017
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Written By Dr. Neva

November 8, 2016, was a profound day for me here in the United States. As I anxiously await the election results, it was evident to me at midnight that the next incoming president would be Donald Trump. Over the years I respected Mr. Trump as a business mogul. I read his books wanting to get an insight of the real estate business as I saw real estate as an excellent way to create wealth. Maybe controversial to some, but I saw him as a great businessman.

As we all know, he was elected as president of the United States of America. America was built on diversity, different cultures, race, ethnicity, and religion. Based on his campaigning techniques, I felt this butterfly feeling in my stomach that did not sit well. Instead of building a wall, would he be able to make America great by "bridging" our unique differences that make this country America? We must remember that culture is learned beliefs, values, rules, norms, symbols & traditions that are common to a group of people, shared qualities of a group that makes them unique. It is the way of life, customs, & scripts of a group of people. Diversity is the existence of different cultures or ethnicity within a group or organization….Well, I am not here to speak politics.

However, I believe we can agree that international government relations impact business growth or lack thereof. International business deals not only cross borders but they also cross cultures. Culture greatly influences how people think, communicate, and conduct business. It also affects the kinds of dealings made. Being a cultural diversity training coach has been a daily learning process as the world has millions of different beliefs and values. I have learned that there is so much untapped potential in the globe for doing business, but many people fail to understand cultural values and thus get stuck.


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Keynote Speaker: Legislator Siela Bynoe

About: Legislator Siela Bynoe, Keynote Speaker: Siela A. Bynoe became Nassau County Legislator for the Second Legislative District after winning a February 11 special election to fill a vacancy left by Robert Troiano in early 2014. Siela is a 40-year resident of Nassau County and Westbury resident. Legislator Siela Bynoe is a graduate of Westbury High School, has an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts from Nassau County Community College, Bachelor's in Psychology from Hofstra University and Master's in Public Administration from C.W.Post, Long Island University. Siela has a diverse career background that has allowed her to work in the private and public sectors, as well as not-for-profit. Siela's work in the private sector included workings as mortgage loan consultant and a credit loan officer, where she administered her bank's commitment to the Community Reinvestment Act. She then moved on to work for the Long Island Housing Partnership and established their Nassau County branch in Hempstead. It was there that Siela helped secure and disburse $3 million in aid for first-time home buyers over three years, and began to be a housing advocate. She then entered the public sector, where she became Assistant Director of the North Hempstead Housing Authority, and then moved on to become Executive Director of Huntington Housing Authority in 2006. Siela also served until recently as a Commissioner for the North Hempstead Housing Authority. Working in housing, Siela has worked with her colleagues to secure over $40 million to rehabilitate some of Long Island's oldest affordable communities.

Legislator Siela Bynoe is excited to serve following in the footsteps of her predecessor Robert Troiano. Siela intends to make health issues, government accessibility, economic development and affordable housing a priority focus. She looks forward to serving the great communities of Hempstead, Lakeview,Westbury, New Cassel, Hicksville, Uniondale, Rockville Centre and East Garden City. Legislator Bynoe serves on the following legislative committees; Minority Affairs (Ranking), Health & Social Services, Government Services & Operations and Economic & Community Development.

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About Dr. Neva - Dr. Neva Helena Alexander prefers to be called Dr. Neva. It is a name that she adopted in Saudi Arabia where it is customary in their culture to be called by one's first name. Beyond academia, she has a global entrepreneurial spirit. Dr. Neva is the Founder of the National Educational Venture Alliance (NEVA) which helps to support international students to study in the USA through sponsorship; she is also the founder of NEVA test prep. Her area of expertise is leadership and is particularly a professional in gender and cross-cultural issues as it relates to leadership. She has vastly traveled the globe to several countries namely England, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Canada, Antigua, Cayman, Bahamas, Barbados, St. Lucia both for professional purposes and her interest in learning and understanding other cultures. This kind of exposure fully compliments her expertise in understanding different cultures and thus being a great asset in managing cross-cultural diversity. Dr. Neva has taught leadership to females in Saudi Arabia where she worked as a faculty and Associate Chair for the College of Arts and Science Female Campus at Prince Mohammad University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, she is an Adjunct Assistant Professor for City of New York University SPS Program. She received her doctorate in education leadership from Argosy University, a Master of Arts in Social Science from Long Island University, and a Bachelor of Arts from John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she majored in legal studies. Dr. Neva has organized networking events and created public relations exposure for businesses and professionals who have been unable to utilize the many marketing internet opportunities within their local communities, nationally and internationally. In addition to being an educator in the classroom, she trains and coaches people from every walk of life and profession. She has published educational research and is the author of Females’ Guide to Understanding Leadership and #Risingleaders.

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