03/17/2008 12:45 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Little Black Apron: Mobile Boozing and Virtual Wine Enlightenment

If your relationship with wine and its selection process is anything like ours, then you're going to love Nirvino - the wine website that recently elevated us from wine-neophytes to virtual sommeliers.

Consider the following: Tuesday evening, post-gym, post-work and grocery shopping is the last thing you want to be doing with your "spare" time. The only mild comfort you take in navigating through the action-packed aisles of Trader Joe's (if you're broke), Whole Foods (if you're not feeling the pain of $4/gallon... yet) or Wegman's (if you're just that cool), is knowing that you'll be purchasing a bottle of wine to enjoy when you get home.

Yes, this is the best part of our day. However, the paralysis and decision-making incompetence that consumes you as soon as you step into the Bacchanal Sea of wine bottles is unparalleled. Where do you begin? How should you assess the bottle labels? The cheap-o, the mid-range, the hefty prices? Pinots, and Zinfandels, and Cabernets, oh no!

Fear not. Increasing your wine edification while you're on the go has been made simple by the folks at Nirvino. Now instead of fretting over what to bring to a housewarming, a colleague's dinner party, or what wine to enjoy with your home-cooked meal, simply access Nirvino Mobile from your iPhone, Treo, Blackberry. (Not to worry, those of us who still sport our '06 Razors can also access their mobile application.)

Nirvino's database combines all of the best wine reviews from print, online and broadcast. With over 1 million food pairing recommendations, this site will reduce your wine-pairing indecision from 10 minutes to seconds. Therefore, whether you're craving a juicy cheeseburger, a roasted chicken breast or a titillating Niçoise salad, we're confident you'll find your sauce of choice.

Here's the best part about shopping for wine on our mobiles: in a time when the economy, the anemic job market and our increased fiduciary responsibilities are becoming palpably painful, mobile technology is fueling our ability to numb the pain - with really good wine. How many times have you heard that red wine is beneficial to your health? Enough times that you don't feel too guilty when you polish off a bottle, by your lonesome, on a Wednesday night whilst secretly watching Real Housewives of New York City? Well, feel free to enjoy the red wine, in moderation of course. It's believed that drinking red wine in moderation (1 drink for women, 2 drinks per day for men) may help with the following:

1. Decrease the risk of heart attacks
2. Help increase HDLs (i.e. good cholesterol)
3. Prevent blood clots and decrease damage to blood vessels
4. Decrease inflammation (Some research suggests that the anti-inflammatory properties are stronger than that of aspirin or ibuprofen.)

So where's that good juju coming from you ask? Research now suggests the beneficial antioxidant content of red wine is based primarily on resveratrol. Resveratrol is thought to aid in preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer, but most recently to improve mortality (i.e. increase lifespan). Bottom's up.

With the above medicinal findings in mind, Master Sommelier, Roberto Viernes M.S., worked with us to come up with the perfect pairings for The Little Black Apron's Apricot Lamb Skewers with Chickpea and Tomato- Mint Salad menu (PDF). The three wines below offer a range of price as well as taste depending on your flavor profile preferences. Here's to never being overwhelmed and under-served on wine ever again.

2005 Domaine le Sang des Cailloux Vacqueyras 'Doucinello', Southern Rhone Valley "This fabulous Grenache blend from the Southern Rhone lends its own smoky, savory and spicy compliment to this dish. It has a beautiful texture and earthiness that goes seamlessly with the grilled lamb."

2006 3 Rings Shiraz, Southeastern Australia

"Who says Shiraz doesn't go well with food? This deep, dark berried example will add a kick to this appetizer. The 'sweetish' flavors will compliment the sweetness of the salad and its structure will envelope the lamb with a loving embrace."

2004 Betts & Scholl Hermitage Blanc, Northern Rhone Valley, France

"If you are an exclusively white wine drinker, fear not, reds aren't the only wines that pair well with this salad. This Marsanne and Rousanne blend is rich enough with mineral complexities and body to more than stand up to this lamb. The heady dried apricot and herbal aromas will keep you coming back for more."