08/31/2015 06:20 pm ET

The Trump Stamp Is The Best Worst Tattoo

What's worse: The Trump Stamp or a Jar Jar Binks tattoo?

If Donald Trump is looking for ink, well, he got it.

Case in point: A new type of lower back tattoo called the "Trump stamp" that features The Donald's trademark 'do, right above the butt.

The bizarre tattoo was created as a part of a carnival-type game called "Tattoo Plinko" created by

A variation of a game seen on "The Price Is Right," Tattoo Plinko works like this: Thrill seekers drop a token on a vertical board and let it roll down to a selection of slots on the bottom.

Depending on where it lands, a player might have to get the "Trump Stamp," the logo to the 1990s-era sitcom "Home Improvement," a tombstone that reads "R.I.P. Bob Barker," or the Gore/Leiberman campaign logo from 2000.

Then players drop tokens to see where the tattoo will be placed: the lower back, shoulder blade, face, chest or forearm.

As you might expect, many players recruited to "Tattoo Plinko" backed down when they realized they might have to get the trademark Trump combover inked onto their face.

There were some brave souls who now have the "Trump Stamp," which, amazingly, might seem more appealing than the one of Jar Jar Binks.

Kaves, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist who inked the participants, said he's always asked about the weirdest tattoo day he's ever had.

He added: "Today is that day!" 

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