The only ONE way to override the unfamiliar feeling to continued good feelings.

05/16/2016 12:58 pm ET

So I have a tee collection on my website and one of them is inspired by being fearless in what ever you do in life. Living Courageously will be one of the biggest challenges in life you will face. It’s where character, strength and tenacity come into play. Living this way will allow you to grow in ways that you have never imagined. You will learn so much about yourself that you never knew before.

One thing that really stick out to me about being courageous is the opposition to that which is being comfortable where you are at now. I understand the safetyness of staying put  because it’s what you know and what you are familiar with. Sometimes i find myself in this comfort zone and realize that the longer you stay in that zone the harder it can be to get out of it. Once i decide to step out of the comfort it feels weird and unfamiliar yet good at the same time. At this moment of feeling unfamiliar and good one feeling can override the other. Sometimes it may feel so unfamiliar that you may snap back into your comfort zone. When it feels good you may snap back into your comfort zone as well because you begin to believe that maybe your not good enough to be continuing do whatever it is that is making you feel this good.  You imagine this person you have to continue being  that is making you feel this good. How do you continue being this person? I am not good enough to be this person? Shocker ...This person is who you really are. You have been in your comfort zone for so long that this person is too far out for you to even imagine being like so you just stay in your comfort zone.  

How do you continue to ride the wave of being this person? Only answer is that you just have to continue putting yourself in situations (give yourself a 21 DAY challenge of putting yourself in these situations. 21 DAYS will allow something to become a habit.) that will allow the good feeling you get to override the unfamiliarity. The good feeling of receiving that positive feedback from people, the joy and happiness you feel to the point that it will become familiar and apart of your comfort zone. Once that become too comfortable you then may have to reach out of that zone to something else that is unfamiliar yet feel good as well. This is continued growth and living courageously.


Comment below with what your unfamiliar yet good feeling is and if this 21 DAY challenge is something that you would consider doing? If so I can participate with you!


Author Bio: Caroline is an Advocate for Confidence at Be Inspired Brand,LLC. She is from New York but now resides in North Carolina. Love walking barefoot in the grass. Makes me feel ALIVE!!Grab for free Part 2 of 4 from her CONFIDENCE SERIES. LIVE COURAGEOUSLY:  The 3 W's to Living Courageously

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