06/07/2016 12:32 pm ET

'The Place We Live' Is 'Melrose Place' For The Chemically Imbalanced

Hot Teachers, Hit N' Runs, Towel Boyfriends, Diet Pills ... just another day at "The Place We Live."

Ever wonder what would happen if the gang on "90210" raged out on steroids?

"The Place We Live," the new web series from UCB's Betsy Kenney and Dara Katz, takes the "Melrose Place"/"Beverly Hills 90210" keys to success (attractive people hooking up + drama) and brilliantly takes them down a turn for the worst.

Candice, Robin, Lee, Corey and Autumn's otherwise sexy-chill lifestyle is disrupted when they're forced to help each other through extremely dark situations like talking Robin out of joining a cult, escaping the country after a hit and run, and having to move back in with your lame parents, who live in their car.

"TPWL" also harkens back to the days of "The Bu," Lonely Island's OC parody made before the group become kings of the world. However, "TPWL" might have the edge due to it's higher production value and original instincts, which cater to the Adult Swim crowd. I could definitely see "TPWL" playing at midnight between episodes of "Tim and Eric" and "Check It Out!"

You can find out more about the show at Or check out the series below.



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