The SECRET to Engaging, Enrolling and Inspiring Others to Join You As a Leader

09/13/2016 09:08 pm ET

Want to know the secret as to why certain people can engage others to join them?

Have you noticed that some people can get others to come along almost like magic?

What is the secret?

Well its the secret behind the secret as one of my mentors Donny Epstein says. The secret behind the secret is how to harness and integrate ‘energy’.

Wait- before I Iose you and you think this is some new age bunk stay with me - this is not energy as in you ‘wish’ for something or you ‘put it out there’ and it will happen. No- this is harnessing energy - available energy that exists for everyone to access and then actively engaging with the energy in a way that increases energy for everyone else you come in contact with.

Most people go through their days unaware that they can actively access energy like a ‘super power’ and that by harnessing energy can create effortless and magical progress.

Years ago I read the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and I remember being super charged by the way he presented energy as flow - the magic of things moving along almost as if by magic, effortless and synchronistically. When the book the Secret came out there was a whole movement about ‘wishful thinking’ and manifesting material outcomes.

Energy has always existed and now its no longer a concept its an available strategy for everyone to access.

In my book “The Art of Change Leadership - Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World” I included research from Dr. Epstein on the E States (Energy States). The energy states are:

Energy Poor - barely enough energy to survive

Energy Neutral- going through the motions (where the majority of people live and work)

Energy Rich - richness and depth to experiences, people and engagement with ‘life’ - adds dimension, value and increases energy for all

What I love about the E States model created by Dr. Epstein is that it is an integrated model that identifies the energy states as well as provides practical ways to elevate to a predominant energy rich approach to life and work.

Think about someone you know who as if by magic is able to engage and enroll people in projects or activities that are not even fully formed. He or she is able to impart an energy richness that creates a ‘field’ that others want to be a part of.

Think about a time when you were so passionate about something and you were so energized that you were able to effortlessly create, implement, and enroll others to join you.

If you were to dissect the element that was present when you have created magical outcomes it would come down to the fact that you were ‘energy rich’ filled with vibrancy, connection and a desire to share it with others. It is being ‘energy rich’ that is the secret to enrolling, engaging and inspiring others to join you.

Energy rich is an integrated approach that impacts thoughts, behaviors and actions.

You can have energy rich meetings, you can have energy rich relationships, you can have energy rich work environments it is not a ‘wishing’ it is inspired action.

Want to know more? check out my book and also Google articles by Dr. Donald Epstein on energy states.

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