11/26/2015 11:37 am ET Updated Nov 26, 2015

The Shrimp At Red Lobster Are Officially Growing

The chain promises "bigger and better" shrimp.
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Red Lobster is making sure its shrimp won't be shrimpy.

The restaurant chain has increased the portions of the shrimp for lunch and dinner entrees by sizes ranging from 47 percent to 86 percent, a Red Lobster spokesperson told The Huffington Post. The increase comes in response to customer demand.

"Over the past several years, we started hearing from guests that they wanted shrimp at Red Lobster to be bigger and better – better taste, better texture, better flavor and a more consistent and appealing eating experience," the spokesperson said. 

The chain has also changed the way they prepare the now-bigger shrimp. The scampi is now handcrafted in-house with a 1/2 oz more scampi sauce (made with white wine, butter and garlic) as a result of consumer requests for more sauce per serving.

Red Lobster purchases about 33 million pounds of shrimp annually and "source shrimp globally from trusted, long-term suppliers," the spokesperson told HuffPost. 

Shrimp that were small-sized are now medium-large and formerly medium-sized shrimp are now extra-large -- but Red Lobster said there's no word, yet, on bringing back the endless shrimp special

"It’s too soon to speculate on how this impacts Endless Shrimp next year," the spokesperson said." We’re focused on a successful introduction of bigger, better shrimp."

The bigger shrimp have started infiltrating U.S. based Red Lobsters Nov. 15 and will make rounds to all locations by mid-December.

Tell your appetite to go big or go home!

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