The Ultimate 2017 Last-Minute Gift-List

12/18/2016 01:57 am ET Updated Jan 14, 2017

Can’t figure out what to get your loved one who never seems to want anything? Or just found out your friend of a friend gave you a holiday gift and you need to reciprocate? No fear, the gift list is here! We have scoured the Internet and summed up our favorites for the holiday season so you don’t. Get your Chrome tabs ready, you’re about to be tabbing away with these amazing products.

Dyson 360Eye—Dyson takes one of the greatest inventions of all time, the vacuum, and automates it one step further by creating the 360eye with twice the suction of any other robot vacuum on the market. With the ability to schedule and program the bot on your phone, you’ll never have to worry about crumbs or dirt on the floor. Simply press the button and off it will go. Mapping out the floor plan of your place, the Dyson 360Eye is a smart robot that will hit every last inch, corner, nook and cranny and is simply the greatest time saver in the market.

Road Warrior
Road Warrior

Lat_56—Tired of mismatched luggage from department store sales or impulse purchases while aboard? Look no further than the LAT_56 luggage set to keep you traveling in style. We checked out the Red-Eye and Road Warrior pieces, both with built-in garment bags perfect for traveling for business or special events. While testing the luggage for the garment bag features, we found nothing that came close to disturbing our neatly ironed clothing. With a focus on look and feel, LAT_56 ensures your life is organized while traveling and combines the necessary functionality with the oh-so desirable aesthetic design.

JetComfy—Snooze in your natural resting pose with JetComfy, complete with 2’ thick of memory foam pillow and built in power packs. JetComfy took the original neck pillow and tossed it upside down to recreate the pillow into a device that not only gets you you to sleep, but keeps you asleep for the entirety of your flight without strain.

Lolli and Pops—Lolli and Pops elevates the typical gift basket to a box of luxury for the sweetest gifts designed for the sweetest of people. Arriving in a beautifully tied and packed box, Lolli and Pops is the ultimate gift for those with a sweet-tooth and an eye for classy design.

Acoustic Amplification Stand
Acoustic Amplification Stand

Elago—A tech accessory company, Elago is the perfect stocking stuffer for add-ons to your tech devices. From Apple Watch Stands to Amplification Stands, check out Elago for beautifully designed minimalist designs for the accessories you’ll want to always have on hand.

ExoMount by ExoGear—For those friends and family who don’t have a mount in their car yet, get them on the ExoGear train with their phone mounts to make GPS navigation and hands-free calling a breeze. ExMount’s easy installation and fool-proof resizability ensures that it’s a product that won’t go to waste.

Enveo Chestnut—Dock your smartwatch with the Chestnut by Enveo, a minimalistic design that will sure to add a touch of modernity to any room. With a discrete cable management system, this smartwatch dock will keep your watches ready to go at a moment’s notice.

iSkelter’s HoverX LapDesk—The ultimate gamers laptop made by iSkleter is hand crafted and built in Phoenix, Arizona. You’ll be sure to feel the authentic craftsmanship with this desk, all while enjoying your favorite games. A beautiful design meets functional tool with iSkelter.

Como Audio Duetto— For a unique twist on both modern sound systems and the classic radio, the Duetto by Como Audio is as classic as it gets. Featuring a variety of ways to listen to your tunes including HD online radio, Bluetooth sync and Spotify along with the standard aux input, the Duetto perfectly highlights every song in the way it’s meant to be heard. With an unbeatable bass, Como Audio has perfected the technology to create high-power, high-quality sound in a convenient, modern package.

Oak Bottle 750mL—Aerate your beer, cocktail, spirit or wine with the Oak Bottle to infuse the flavorful aromas of oak wood into your drink. Customize any of your pre-purchased alcohols to enjoy oak aged beverage at your leisure, all in a beautiful oak wood vessel.

Rok Espresso Maker—Built with a rustic, industrial design perfect for any modern kitchen, the Classic Rok Espresso Maker is an espresso machine that lets you feel every shot pulled, without the electricity nor expensive pods. Become an old-time barista with this set, that also comes with a 10 year guarantee for all of the espresso years to come.

Willow & Everett Tea Pot—The Willow & Everett Tea Pot is one of the highest quality tea kettles in the market today with high-quality hand-blown glass and stainless steel that also happens to be microwavable safe. Perfect for brews that will last you throughout the day or for guests. This beautiful piece is one to use day in and day out.

Skinners—The new anti-odor durable footwear is here...and it’s missing the shoe? Skinners is the new product out for pre-orders that is an shoe-sock hybrid to maximize comfort without compromising on foot protection. Using pure silver lining as an antibacterial, this product will keep your foot ventilated and comfortable.

Touchfire—An amazing iPad accessory, the Touchfire adds tactile keys to your tablet using 3D keys and a magnet to snap into the already existing internal iPad magnet. Completely transparent and without batteries to charge, TouchFire is the perfect alternative to expensive bluetooth keyboards.

Morphine Lips—Give your lover the gift of morphine...lips. Chapstick that is infused with benzocaine, morphine lips leaves a memorable kiss every time, one that will leave them numb. One of the coolest products we had stumbled upon, Morphine Lips will create an experience you will surely not forget.

Zyliss Control Knives—With a patented safety touch point, Zyliss’s set of two knives provides much needed safety features that will control the rocking motion of slicing and dicing. Built with rust-resistant and razor-sharp blades, Zyliss will be your go-to knife set for years to come.

Qardio Arm Blood Pressure—The Qardio Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is the perfect device to accurately record your blood pressure in a easy to use, easy to share methodology. With Qardio, we were more likely to measure their BP, just because of how easy it is to maintain the habit.

H2O Ninja Mask—Embark on a new adventure this coming spring with H2O Ninja Mask, a full-face mask that allows you to breathe through your nose and mouth, while seeing the ocean around you. Remove the restrictions of an ordinary snorkel mask with H2O and swim freely—nothing is holding you back.

Honeycomb Sound—Honeycomb Sound serves up a great sound system with design features any modern home would love to add. Controlled by Bluetooth, the Honeycomb Sound can connect wirelessly to you devices to play back loud, powerful audio, with the almost boom-box like exterior that will make you reminisce and just crave to carry this bad boy around.

Beard Bib—Stop leaving your sink a mess as your trim your hair with Beard Bib, the number one solution to any beard trimming problems. Don’t be afraid to chop down that mane just for the sake of cleaning purposes; with beard king, a three step snap and go system is all you need to prevent mess, every time. With Beard Bib, your girl will stop complaining about a sink full of facial hair, and you’ll give your beard the trim it deserves—like a king.

ManGroomer—For every scratch on your back, there is a backscratcher for that. For every back hair, there’s a back shaver for that. ManGroomer is the professional hair trimmer, designed for you to shave your own back. With a do-it-yourself attitude, ManGroomer provides all of the essentials with their scruff sculpture and whisker belly technology, there’s really nothing else you could ask for in a personal grooming tool.

Discommon—For the most high-end men’s accessories, look no further than Discommon to infuse a redefined class into your life. The Thermoformed Leather Card Wallet, for example—made of Italian calf leather stitched to perfection with a orange microsuede interior makes this any man’s first choice for carrying their wallet essentials. And while you’re clicking away buying gifts, treat yourself to their signature Bottle Opener with the most incredible hand-feel, that’s right, hand-feel, possible. You’ll be popping bottles for everyone with this bottle opener.

Range Leather—For the everyday Renaissance man, Range Leather has got the goods. For upper echelon type of style, check out Range Leather’s array of cases for grooming, carry-all, and travel. High quality leather combined with authentic and rustic designs make Range Leather goods oh-so desirable for any occasion. Check out their most recent addition, the Travellr Case, each made by hand and assembled with copper rivets and brass hardware.

Dude Products—The product line for all dudes missing out on the luxurious spa comforts that most females get in bathroom products, Dude Products are flushable shower and toilet wipes that are sure to keep you clean and smelling fresh. Gift the dude in your life with few boxes of Dude Wipes to send a message (yikes!) or just to spread the Dude word with their subscription based box model. One of the coolest products out there, it’ll be sure to at least get a chuckle out of whoever you are gifting.

Hickies 2.0—The perfect product to turn your laced shoes into slip-ons, Hickies save the struggles of retying laces and gives you a way to put on your shoes without trying to jam them in already tied sneakers. Uninterrupt your life with hickies laces, and make your shoes form to your foot, without having to buy expensive custom fit footwear.

PillDrill—Don’t let a countertop full of medicine containers put off your kitchen aesthetic, get PillDrill, the smart medicine tracking machine that will remind you to take your medicine. Set up notifications to send to loved ones when medicine isn’t taken for the day. Your grandmother deserves more than cheap weekly medicine cases, get PillDrill, a more ergonomic smart device to help get in the routine and stay in it.

MRKT—MRKT stands for Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger, and their bags live up to just how cool the name sounds. Taking a modern, cubist approach to bag essentials, MRKT sells highly functional bags that carry pretty much anything you could want, with the best materials and designs drawing from urban architecture. If you know someone in the market for a replacement for that old raggedly JanSport from 8 years ago, look no further than MRKT.

Wanmock—A product created by Architecture for Dogs, the Wanmock serves as the perfect lounging furniture for the man’s best friend. With the ability to use the owner’s old clothing as the base for the dog, this evokes an unreplicable sense of peace for dog and allows the owner to feel his own craftsmanship in constructing a beloved piece of furniture for their beloved furry friend.

goTenna—The perfect tool for the adventurist, goTenna is a device that allows you to text and use GPS functions, even when off the grid, meaning that you can stay disconnected, while still staying safe. By creating a mesh of smart people-powered networks, you are able to communicate with other goTenna’s in the area such as your friends and fellow campers. Great for any retreat or weekend getaway, when you can end your weekday worries by keeping your phone disconnected, but still feel safe.

Hone Alone—For the dull razor that just can’t do it anymore, Hone Alone has the product to save you a trip to the store. Make the old new again with Hone Alone’s Razor Sharpener and see the difference in both your clean shaves, and your full wallet.

Tailor & Spruce—Trove is Tailor and Spruce’s exclusive collection filled with a plethora men’s grooming tools that will surely make you feel like a finely polished king. The modern day gift basket for the modern day Renaissance Man, pick Tailor & Spruce to get the gift for your favorite man.

Mini-Materials—For the mini builder in training or the retired engineer, Mini Materials has a set full of small building and construction materials that add an industrial touch to anyone’s desk. For all of you indecisive people, and ouur choice for the holiday, Mini-Materials offers an ultimate sample kit that comes with a variety of tools and materials for you or your loved one to start building. Their rock-solid materials look, feel, and actually are the real deal. Make someone smile this holiday season with a cute gift that’s so small it is guaranteed to get a chuckle and hours worth of fun out of anyone.

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