03/09/2017 02:10 pm ET

The Way This Guy Opens His Bread Is Freaking Out The Internet

🚨Stop the madness🚨

Sometimes one encounters a photo so disturbing ― so jarring ― it sends shivers down the spine. This is one of those times. 

Alasdair Mckay, who goes by Almckayy on Twitter, is going viral because of a photo he posted that depicts the unique way his roommate opens the packaging of a loaf of bread. Mckay told The Huffington Post that his roommate doesn’t want to be named (probably because of all the crazy hate he’s getting).

“One of my flatmates opens their bread like this. I don’t feel safe anymore,” he wrote on Twitter Monday.

Mckay, who was first contacted by Buzzfeed, lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, with his roommate. He told HuffPost his roommate’s bad bread behavior has been occurring for some time. 

“It’s been going on since we moved in last September, but it was only recently that me and the other flatmates realized how weird and impractical it was!” Mckay told us. “I feel I’ve uncovered a hidden divide within society, judging by the mixed reactions from people!” 

People on Twitter were just as uncomfortable with the pictures as Mckay, and users had a field day with their responses. 

Some urged Mckay to get as far away as possible from his psychopath roommate: 

Others agreed it was clearly the work of evil spirits:  

And others simply didn’t understand all the fuss: 

Mckay told HuffPost that the reaction to his tweet “has honestly been insane” and that it’s “hilarious to see so much outrage over such a trivial matter!”  

And for the record, Mckay told Buzzfeed his roommate knows about the tweet and decided to change his ways. Case (loaf) closed.   

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