There's So Much I Want To Write About But Trump Keeps Getting In The Way

Every time I sit down to write, whether it be a piece on the car insurance racket, the Net Neutrality issue, the dismantling of the EPA, a simple movie review, or the fact that while New York and New Jersey happily share parking ticket info and DMV records, neither sees the need to accept the other’s Medicaid coverage, the moronic Orange Imbecile pulls yet another jaw-dropping stunt that winds up overshadowing so many other important current events, not the least of which was his most recent jaw-dropping stunt prior to the latest one.

For instance, the FCC is in the process of attempting to give the cable companies free reign to, not only throttle your download speed while online, they’re trying to make the Internet a Pay Tier service, as if it’s some luxury spa and not the most critically important tool the world has ever known.

Or how about the fact that Medicaid should be accepted universally, across all 50 states, yet, you can’t even cross the bridge from N.Y. to N.J. and expect to be covered for a prescription, or a visit to an Urgent Care?

Two pretty important issues, right there. Sadly, there are a million important issues happening at the moment the world over that would normally demand much more attention, yet, aside from a blip here and there, no media outlet or journalist seems to have the time to cover anything else for more than five minutes, due primarily to the fact that our epically embarrassing excuse for a president keeps stepping in it on an almost hourly basis. We simply can’t keep up with the three-ring circus of idiots that is Trump and his clown car of an administration.

No sooner does it come out that Kushner is a person of interest in the FBI investigation, than Sessions is revealed to have failed to disclose yet another meeting w/ the Russians. Soon as you put virtual pen to paper to write about that, it’s Flynn refusing subpoenas to turn over documents to the House Intel Committee. Next, it’s Trump awarding the Saudis billions in arms. Illegally. Then he’s fondling an orb. Then, Melania’s slapping his hand. Then, he’s thinking Israel isn’t part of the Middle East. Then Spicey’s kicked off the plane and sent packing. Just as that happens, we’re back to Sessions letting Citibank off the hook in one of the biggest money laundering frauds, ever. Then, Sessions may have meddled in the firing of Comey. Five minutes later, it’s revealed Ivanka and her hubby failed to disclose millions in works of art. Then, one of Trump’s robo-endorsed GOP billionaire Montana psychopaths turns a Q&A into a steel cage match. And wins. Two minutes later, video surfaces of the supremely classless jerk physically shoving the head of NATO out of the way like a playground bully.

Keep in mind, there’s probably twenty or so more jaw-dropping highlights from this pathetic administration’s past week that are not listed above. But there’s so much crap flying across your screen every minute, how can we be expected to accurately follow it all? All the crimes being committed on Capitol Hill that go unprosecuted makes a story, like the hundreds of Notre Dame students walking out on Pence’s commencement speech, seem like a non-event.

What Trump and family are turning our country into is quite disturbing, to say the least. As, while Gianforte’s inexcusable assault on a reporter was deplorable, short of that, it’s apparently OK in the current political climate to be a raging, bible-toting bigot, seeking to rape the environment, screw the poor and middle class, do away with health care, eviscerate civil rights, and overall, possess an ideology similar to that of a white supremacist. It’s only when you physically bodyslam a guy that, suddenly, you’re not fit for office? What does that say about our willingness to tolerate such intolerance? Ya got me.

Back to the bonehead, there was a great meme a few days ago that pretty much says it all —

The scary thing here, is not so much that Trump and his cronies in the GOP are parasitical germs that deserve to be expunged with the largest coffee enema the world has ever seen, it’s that, going forward, trying to convince his supporters they made a mistake, and to ‘wake up,’ is virtually an impossible task. Even in the face of all this corruption and depravity. You’d have better luck trying to revive Abe Lincoln than you would of convincing a Trump supporter they’re so so wrong.

This dilemma is explained quite nicely in a brief filed by NYU and Univ. of Michigan psychology professors, David Dunning and Justin Kruger. Aptly called, The Dunning-Kruger effect, it basically states that a Trump supporter is too dumb to realize they’re stupid.

And, at the end of the day, how do you get around that? After all, who’s worse? The fool? Or the one who argues with the fool?

Here’s to the next 48 hours. If we’re still here.