11/30/2016 01:56 pm ET

These Folks Know Almost Nothing About Latin American Capitals

Most couldn't even pronounce Quito.

Six men and women took on Latin American geography in Flama’s recent video, and the results are hilarious but also kind of disappointing. 

In the video, posted Tuesday, the participants were given flash cards with the names of 10 capitals located in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Their only task was to pair them with their respective country. 

This particular group of people, unfortunately, seemed to know almost nothing about Latin American geography. Most could not identify the capitals of Brazil, Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Paraguay or Uruguay.

“Santiago? Santiago is a last name of a few of my friends. So it’s not a capital, it’s a trick question,” said one participant, who didn’t realize that Santiago is also the capital of Chile.  

But not all hope was lost, some participants were able to pair some capitals and countries correctly after Venezuelan comedian Joanna Hausmann gave them hints off-camera. Others simply offered comic relief in the form of one-liners like, “Quito (being pronounced as “cuid-doe”), is what I feel like doing” or “Montevideo, better return your tapes.”

Watch the full video above, and perhaps you could answer one participant’s burning question, “Do you think Donald Trump would know any of these?” 

We’ll let you decide. 



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