02/02/2016 09:04 am ET

Photos Of Men With Bubble Beards Show Masculinity Is Fragile Too

Compelling and hilarious.
Mindo Cikanavicius

Our cultural obsession with lumberjack-level beards, mustaches, goatees and sideburns is what inspired New York photographer Mindo Cikanavicius to photograph handsomely bearded men for his editorial series.

The twist: their facial hair is actually made of bubbles. 

Cikanavicius decided to poke fun at the persistence of facial hair trends with his series. Within his photos is a subtle commentary on how we embrace masculinity in our society. Beards are, as the bubble beards demonstrate, probably temporary.

"I chose bubbles because they're temporary, like a trend, they pop when they reach their end," he explained to Creative Boom. "Bubbles are fragile, like us men can be fragile -- whether we're bearded or not ... Soap bubbles are also a childish substance. When a little boy is wanting to look grown-up, he plays with a soap beard in the bath to reflect the subconscious transition from boyhood to manhood."

Sooner or later, some other craze will capture our attention. Until then, bubble beards:

  • Mindo Cikanavicius
  • Mindo Cikanavicius
  • Mindo Cikanavicius
  • Mindo Cikanavicius
  • Mindo Cikanavicius
  • Mindo Cikanavicius

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