08/29/2017 10:13 am ET

These Insta-Kids Make Laundry Nightmares Adorable

These kids are total messes and it's freaking adorable.

Sometimes life is messy. Especially those moments when children head to the nearest mud pile or paint set to let their imaginations run wild while parents get stuck with the aftermath. And when it comes to kids’ giggle-inducing creativity, post-playtime often requires a little (or a lot of!) clean up. But rather than cringing over glitter explosions or spilt jam that’s everywhere except the fridge, take a second look at the happy kid in the middle of it. That’s why we’ve partnered with Clorox to bring you the cutest examples of disheveled fun whose parents won’t let a little dirt (or food, or paint) #StainOnMyParade. Bring on the mess!

  • 1. Kid Vs. Paint
    Photo courtesy of beata_korowaj
  • 2. Kid Vs. Shaving Cream
    Photo courtesy of mommapask.
  • 3. Kid Vs. Mud
    Photo courtesy of somehowlost.
  • 4. Kid Vs. Marker
    Photo courtesy of kristy_poelzer.
  • 5. Kid Vs. Açai
    Photo courtesy of megstaryogi.
  • 6. Kid Vs. Flour
    Photo courtesy of princessslara.
  • 7. Kid Vs. Yogurt
    Photo courtesy of shana_nana117.
  • 8. Kid Vs. Colored Powder
    Photo courtesy of parentingtheprincipal.
  • 9. Kid Vs. Peanut Butter
    Photo courtesy of mommyof8soon9.
  • 10. Kid Vs. Sweet Potatoes
    Photo courtesy of faren.c.
  • 11. Kid Vs. Avocado
    Photo courtesy of nada_alragom.
  • 12. Kid Vs. Grass
    Photo courtesy of jhstylist.

Clorox 2 Stain Remover & Color Booster is proud to showcase kids who have mastered the art of acquiring the stain. And no matter what these little mess-makers get into, Clorox 2 is there to keep clothes looking their best despite the mess by removing tough stains and boosting colors. Clothes come out looking cleaner and brighter when playtime is over!